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Waste Paper, OCC, ONP, OINP, SOP, HWS

We are a professional paper distribution company based in Hungary. We focus on quality and reputation, ensuring that we provide our customers with top quality and innovative waste paper products.

Old Corrugated Container OCC
Old News paper ONP
Over Issued Newspaper OINP
Old Telephone Directories
Sorted Office Waste Paper SOP
Sorted White Ledger SWL
Tissue Paper Waste
White Ledger Cutting WLC
Hard White Shaving HWS

Interested buyers should please contact us with your EMAIL ID for more informations.

Tel. 38 098 1035389

Цена: Договорная
Обеспечение доставки (возможности автора объявления): Да
Регион (для "Ищу" - регион покупки; для "Предлагаю" - место отгрузки): Europe

Контактная информация:
Контактное лицо: Granuflex
E-mail: hassanhaou441@gmail.com

Информация об авторе объявления:
Предприятие, Организация, Учреждение Hassan Haou
Страна Венгрия
Город Budapest