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ILIOK LLC (Ukraine) has developed and implemented industrial equipment capable of producing biochar or high-calorie fuel from any type of organic matter with a high carbon content (for example, litter of any birds, animals, wood waste, etc.) in large quantities in a cost-effective way, while avoiding any harm to the environment. Today, there is equipment that produces biochar or fuel from chicken manure. It allows you to achieve maximum productivity in the production of products. • For agriculture - processing of the whole range of organic matter into biochar fertilizer • For energy - processing of the whole range of organic matter into fuel - powder, pellet, briquette • For the environment – solution of the environmental problem through the complete processing of the entire range of organic matter without the release of harmful elements into the environment Characteristics of the obtained biochar fertilizer: Organics converted to coal in our equipment are used in agriculture. Increases yield, in some cases up to 30-40%, especially when used in poor soils. It prevents the washing out of fertilizers and ensures the accumulation of fertilizers in its structure in a form available to plants. As a result, you can significantly reduce the load on the soil (by reducing the use of mineral fertilizers). A particularly important property of biochar is that it is a natural habitat for bacteria and mycorrhiza. In turn, they help the roots of your plants absorb nutrients. Scientific studies have shown that the land fertilized with biochar remains fertile for several decades, retaining its properties from year to year. Biochar Unique Properties: • Increases the porosity of the earth thousands of times • Accelerates plant growth rate • Increases soil availability of Ca, Mg, P and K • Maintains soil moisture • Retains nutrients for the root system. It is an excellent storehouse of macro and micronutrients. • Stabilizes the soil • Prevents the earth from sticking together into lumps • Transport route for mycorrhiza and bacteria - accelerates the uptake of nutrients by the roots • Increases soil fertility by increasing total biomass • Stimulates symbiotic nitrogen fixation in the root system • Solid carbon content in biochar fertilizer up to 90% Biochar tests were carried out on poor podzolic soils of the Sumy region of Ukraine. When applying 1 ton of biochar fertilizer per 1 hectare, the yield was 46 centners per hectare. With the introduction of 2 tons per hectare, the yield was 53 centners per hectare. When applying standard 3 tons of conventional fertilizer, the yield was 37 centners per hectare. The equipment can produce biochar fertilizer in the form of a powder, or granules for a seeder, or briquettes. The cost of 1 ton of biochar in Ukrainian pre-war realities is 60 euros. Equipment performance characteristics: - From 2.5 tons of raw chicken manure, cattle manure, pig manure, 1 ton of biochar comes out, taking into account the support of the appropriate process temperature - From 3.5 straw, grass, branches, wood chips, 1 ton of biochar comes out, taking into account the support of the appropriate temperature of the technological process - The productivity of the developed equipment is from 15 thousand to 90 thousand per year of the finished product biochar Introducing a film of the finished biochar fertilizer product: Azarenkov V., Azarenkova O, Muzurov D. Phone +380687207628 Email,
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